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Rigged my packs!!!

2 posts New member
I recorded this weeks after the past 3 weeks the highest I pulled in 18 Ultimate legends packs was 90 Sean Taylor I'm done while ur streamer boys pulled back to back 98s I will post to show people I'm not spending another dime u rig streamers so people buy cause they think the same can happen but the common player u rig so they receive 90 or less on 18 packs in 3 week it's not luck algorithms would of had me pull a 94 within 4 unbelievable glad I recorded and posted


  • EVERY single youtuber has limited time pulls....ive opened almost 5000 packs and the best ive pulled is a 94
  • EA_Roger
    1482 posts EA Community Manager
    @Thechad27 I know this can be frustrating and youtubers make it seem easy however you need to understand that this is their actual job & the more views they get the better which will lead to a lot of click bait titles. I'd also add that the majority of youtubers open an insane amount of packs to get the players they get.

    We have a detailed article on pack probability as well I encourage you to read it so you are fully aware what you are purchasing: https://www.ea.com/games/madden-nfl/madden-nfl-19/news/mut-pack-probabilties


  • CousinSal88
    1 posts New member
    Packs aren't rigged man. Everybody has the same slim odds to get something worth the money you spend. Youtubers spend thousands of dollars on packs and they edit their videos
  • Ive opened 5000 packs lol keep lovin on ea...super easy to put this garbage out when you have NO competition
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