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It's time to change the format please!!!!

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Listen we get Madden is the staple of football gaming, you guys are the only one left so do us a favor and make it fun again!!! People only buy it because college football is no more. I used to enjoy madden along with college. The my player mode was awesome transforming him into a madden player was the best and so forth with franchise modes. But you guys have gotten super super lazy. All you do is throw together a bad story mode which is pointless and stupid. We barely do anything. Do this instead, (million dollar ideas) make a my player mode again and allow the game to create his own road to the NFL different backgrounds different roads different actions lead him different ways and the better he does the more money and points he gets. NBA 2k does this very well. Allow him to do more though pick his cribs pick his cars and clothes his shoes. The create feature is like 10 years old get new hair styles body building face building features you guys have the means if you need fresh ideas take my number [Phone number removed] give me the job of creative or bring me on for this project I don't just love football I live it. So please please don't sleep on my voice bc i have a very loud one and I'm not the only one who buys this game bc there is nothing else . I grew up on EA SPORTS but believe me 2k will bring back their version of madden and shut this down. Call me.

[Removed profanity & phone number - EA_Roger]
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