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Madden 19 Tournaments and Controller Types for Handicapped Players

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I would like to let you know I am a HUGE fan of Madden. It is my favorite game of all time.
This topic will be in regards to the Madden Tournaments held every year and how this can be included in the Special Needs Community.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Ryan Menge and I am 17 years old. I have cerebral palsy and am in a wheelchair with limited hand use, but I still love playing video games. I have been playing Madden for over 6 years and I play as often as I can. One of the main reasons I enjoy Madden so much is the controls. Madden has only a few buttons that it requires to play, whereas other games have much more complicated controls in order to play the game, let alone enjoy it. The Lego games are much more difficult to use, and don’t even get me started on first-person shooting games like Call of Duty or Star Wars: Battlefront! They are almost impossible for me to play. :s

Madden offers many other fun aspects because even with simple controls, the games are hard and challenging! There is a lot of strategies that go with every game played as well as opponents.

One person that I look up to and follow is Michael Skimbo. He is a fantastic Madden player. He has a great strategy and sportsmanship, as well as being very fun to watch. I have learned a lot of great gameplays watching his tournaments on Twitch.tv and Mixer.

There are many Tournaments that I am aware EA holds around the year. Most all of these require some sort of travel with much of this travel being in Redwood City, California. Since I am in a wheelchair, along with many other handicapped individuals, travel is very difficult.

I am wondering if there are Tournaments available for Special Needs individuals such as myself and others with serious health issues like Cancer and people who are hospital bed-ridden, and if there would be any interest from other players that would pursue this type of thing with me.

I have always wanted to be in one of the EA Madden Tournaments. It would be an amazing experience. I also think players like myself would do a great job in a Tournament and would want to see where we rank up with others. I also want others to know that someone like me in a wheelchair can do anything and it would be a great representation for the Special Needs Community.

Many people with Special Needs cannot travel to compete professionally to play their favorite sport. I think that it would be easier to hold Live Tournaments online, where the players would not have to travel in order to compete or host a Tournament close by. These Tournaments should have similar winnings, like belts, money and other prizes. If hosting is a possibility for the Special Needs Community, I would love to be involved with that process.

Each player could receive a special screen name when they enter the Tournament so that the Host will know who is playing. I have put some very serious thought into how much this would mean to both the Special Needs Community and myself and how it could be a realistic possibility and would love to post more of my ideas with you all.

Please leave me some feedback! I would love to hear any and all of it, pros and cons!
Thank you for supporting me and I hope to hear back,

SN: rwheels17
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