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These bugs just keep adding up.

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edited April 2019
More problems, then more problems, and fixes that cause more problems.
In this video you'll see that while my opponent is racking up points, I can't even start.


  • My bugs are the lineman are skipping the lbs when blocking and going straight for safeties and corners. So i keep getting hit behind line. How do we post video?
  • Also in passing game my wrs wont go around slow corners and lbs. So balls are getting picked.
  • Wrs wont jump for passes again

  • You have to post the video on YouTube and then post the link here. It's pretty easy to do.
    And I'm having all the same bugs you are, I was just posting this one as an example that these bugs keep piling up.
  • Cbs standing in routes waiting for ball like they know where its going so they beat receivers to spot and stand in it while receivers are in route to it
  • I hate that ****. They just stand there and swat the ball because they get there before the reciever.
  • Something definitely needs to be done to fix the passing game issues above. Slow DBs move at the speed of light or pick passes to open receivers. Long passes are virtually impossible. Regardless of down DBs are always deep on long pass plays...

    As I said, something needs to change to restore integrity to the passing game....including have interference draw a penalty.
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