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Mut rewards

I haven't got my mut rewards all year been on the phone with ea all year as well. They said their so called specialist would email me and that has never happened all year . I've spent over 2k on this game and opened almost 7k packs . So where is my mut rewards ?


  • Sorry for your loss. My advice? Don't spend anything extra on this game and you won't be as upset when glitches happen and EA won't fix them.

    I had a similar issue in Madden 17 where EA ignored my issue for months, telling me "sorry, there's nothing we can do" every time I chatted with them. I had opened 1000's of packs and got zero loyalty cards in return. They never fixed it, or made it right, ever. So, I know your pain. And, now, I don't even sweat the inevitable glitches that happen every year in this game because I don't spend any extra money on anything. It's really quite liberating. Try it.
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