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Elimination Tournaments

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Hey Everyone,

We wanted to give you all some info on the new tournaments coming Monday (barring any catastrophes):

  • The new tournament mode will be an Elimination style bracket tournament of Overdrive (up to 4 matches per event).
  • Tournaments are single elimination, one loss and you are removed from the event.
  • You will have two different options to choose from: PvP or PvE (playing against all CPU controlled opponents).
  • Tournaments will run every Monday and Friday from 4 PM EST to 12 AM EST.
  • Mondays will be played with your regular team and Fridays will be a draft.
  • Entries to a tournament will cost keys which can be purchased in the store with coins (limited to 3 but refreshes Monday and Friday) and Madden Cash.
  • PvP will have bigger rewards but will be a more challenging experience.
  • You will earn rewards based on how far you make it through each event and how many players you eliminate.
  • The main rewards will be Tournament Trophies (with some bonus XP, players, patches, and whistles thrown in).
  • Most importantly we are adding in 5 new Masters that will be shared with Blitz Tournaments. They will all be 99 OVR with a lineup boost Smile
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