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Good Content + Texans Theme team wish list

posts New member
I just want to say from a content aspect the past few weeks have been extremely good and I want to acknowledge that. As a Texans fan I have been enjoying the new JJ and DHop cards that I have now fully powered up.

The only player lacking a good card now is Benardrick McKinney who was a pro bowler who only has an 85 ovr card. Would love to see that soon.

Other items that don't need to happen but would be cool:

Glover Quin powerup so we can get Texans chems on him and sprinter.
Lamar Miller powerup so we can get to 30/30 sprinter.
Zach Cunningham upgrade.
Brandon Dunn upgrade.
Brandon Fells upgrade since we have a huge hole at TE.
Brien Bobby-Calhoun upgrade.
The last three dont need significant upgrades but would be nice for some of the small pieces yall have been releasing recently. The powerups are something i'm hopeful for but the McKinney upgrade is a must.
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