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Maurice Hurst snub

Can any EA folks let me know why Maurice Hurst was snubbed from the Raiders team builder set? Hankins, Rucker, and Key were chosen over him for d-line even though he was arguably their best d lineman last year. He led the team in sacks, and he had tackle numbers that put him near Rucker and Hankins. Seems like a team builder card should have been a no brainer for him (especially if fellow rook Key was given one with far less sacks and tackles). Thanks for reading.


  • I have not heard of this player.
    I am also not a Raiders fan.
    As a fan of another team, I cannot say I know all the players on my favorite team.
  • As a Raider fan there wasn't much to cheer for last season, but he was a bright spot as a rookie. It was, and still is, surprising to see him left out of the team builder mix by the EA folks. I don't expect other teams' fans to know him (I'm sure there's a bunch of snubs I'm not aware of) but EA should've had him on their radar, especially when you see who they chose over him.
  • Probably just a matter of not having enough time to get an additional card in the team builder set.
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