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Missing Offensive Color Smash Players in 97 OVR Color Smash Hero Store Offer

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Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

This morning we received reports from players that they were not able to pull any new Offensive Color Smash players from the 97 OVR Color Smash Hero (36k NFL Draft Picks) Store Option.

After investigating, this issue was identified and fixed in game (Tuesday, April 16th at 11:05AM ET). Players that purchased the 97 OVR Color Smash Hero store offer from 10:30AM-11:05AM ET will receive a make-right of 800 NFL Draft picks for each time they purchased this store offer. The reasoning for only granting 800 NFL Draft Picks is because players are able to quicksell their player items for 35,200 NFL Draft Picks and re-roll for another player item.

Make-rights should be going out shortly. We will update this post once make-rights have been processed.

The Madden Ultimate Team
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  • blindaxs
    5 posts New member
    Reported to Kraelo early after a bunch of rolls, contacted EA help and got told they would be given last night.I figured it was bad news when they couldn't tell me flat out if I was getting my picks back.

    Can't post link to tweet showing my report.. but was before 11:00 am est.

    Pretty pissed at EA. Hope you make it right on your making it right.
  • blindaxs
    5 posts New member
    4 days later still fighting for an answer, just get told to wait longer.
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