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Power Up Position Switch Request

Dear EA,

Please, make it so that you can change positions on power up cards for certain players who have been known to move around. For example, allowing K. Mack to be toggled between either a LE or a LOLB would be really cool.

Another somewhat related request: Can LT/RT, LG/RG, LOLB/ROLB, LE/RE and SS/FS distinctions be removed from MUT altogether? Instead, you could just classify players as OT, OG, OLB, DE, and S? Players move from left to right and vice versa all the time in the NFL, so why can't they do it in MUT without penalty. I'd even argue for oline and dline to be allowed to just move wherever along the lines. Their physical traits and skill ratings will affect their affectiveness enough if they aren't in their best positions.

Thanks for reading.


  • This is an interesting concept.
    It seems like the "UTIL" spot in fantasy sports.
    I think the penalty in MUT is a fair trade off for getting to put any player at any position that you want to put them. I had a LaDainian Tomlinson QB card as my 2nd QB for while.
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