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Ryan Shazier Mut Master Stats

1 posts New member
I have 9 of the 10 completed the last one on the list will not complete out which is complete all items on the list which is complete. This has gone on for days i am missing my 25K coins for that not to mention the 250K for the bonus for completing them all. Can anyone help. Customer service just tells me it a bug.


  • I think there's a glitch...I have to get 8 more TKFL''S to complete an objective...I had 2 Sacks with him in a Solo battle game and it didn't record it into Tackle for loss column even tho a Sack is a tackle for loss.....What is up?
    1 posts New member
    i have found sacks dont count as tfls odd but i never got double credit for them, once my sacks were done then they as tfl.
  • Hmm well not being recorded as a sack which is tackle for a loss pretty much sums up Madden.....lol
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