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Several NFL Draft pick cards how do i upgrade them?

Hi ive got several of these NFL draft pack/draft pick cards the ones that say use in packs on 4/23. Theres an option to add them to sets or elite token. I already accidently added one to the sets. Which is the better way to go with these? If i choose to add them to the sets how many goes into these sets to complete them? Im guessing youll get an upgraded version back but its not clear at least to me what you do or what you get. The one card i accidently added to the sets i cant even find it now dont know where it went? Or is it better to get the elite token again im not even sure what that is or how to go that route. I know im new on here some of this technical stuff is confusing for me so i appreciate any help please. What i do know for sure so far is i love this game and would really like to know any advice or opinions thank you.
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