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New X-Factor Trait Added To Madden 20 Franchise Mode.

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There is some big news coming to franchise mode in Madden 20! A new development trait called, “X-Factor” will be added to the game and it is the highest development trait you will be able to get.

There are 4 development traits this year: Normal, Star, Superstar, and X-Factor. Both Superstar and X-Factors players can earn Superstar Abilities, but only X-Factors can earn Zone Abilities.

If you draft a player with Superstar ability or above, the exact development trait won’t be revealed until a little later on in the career of the player.

“One more draft surprise is that rookies with a Superstar Development or higher trait will have their development trait hidden until they’ve played through at least half of a season.

These players have their abilities hidden until you reveal their Development Trait. This means that if you draft either a Superstar or an X-Factor Superstar you won’t know exactly what you’ve drafted until later in a season – use your preseason wisely.”

The other big news related to franchise mode is that players can no longer drop down in development when they have a disappointing season. Much needed updates to the progression system were also added.

“We’ve overhauled our progression tuning, including making changes to XP gains from weekly training, actions on the field, and goal completion. These changes should ultimately lead to users being able to increase the OVR of more players on their team meaning they have more option in how to develop their roster.

This article is from Madden-school.com



  • kennylc76
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    Until EA is able to convince me that ratings really do matter, this is absolutely irrelevant.
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