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Fix your broken game

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Fix your game my 99 over offensive line with secure passblock gets beat on every play even against teams whose highest player is 87 ovr. The line can't hold for more than 1 second yet when I am playing much weaker teams my 99 ovr defense cant make a single stop running the same exact plays. Then my 99 ovr receivers with upgraded catch catch in traffic and spec catch can't hold on to a thing against weak defenses (as low as 78 ovr) even steps after they catch the ball yet my 99 ovr defense will hit their 87 ovr receiver right as they go up for the ball sometimes 2 or 3 99 ovr defenders at a time and they will perfectly grab it. Fix your broken cheat game. Make the stats of a player actually mean something you are a trash company.

[Removed profanity] ~Rtas
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  • It is pretty ridiculous how poorly highly rated players play against the cpu, even on pro level. Especially the coverage aspect on d.
  • bbrewer23goblue
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    FACTS....This game is just fake arcade football....almost zero play rec, o line plays like they are lost.... d backs just stand still....endless nano blitzes.....etc.....all good tho lol if madden 20 isnt any better it will be my last one until they fix their game
  • They have no reason to fix anything because they have an exclusive license so they have no competition, not how things are supposed to work in this country.
  • Troypolamaluhof that is why they were voted 5th most hated company in the US last year. Crap company crap game but monopoly so nothing anyone can do. Madden employees are scumbags
  • All everyone does is run glitch plays that get the safety to leave their zone, that's not zone coverage, fix your broken game EA, it makes a mockery of NFL football
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