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Ghost Baker Mayfield

Does anyone have this card on Xbox been searching for a month for it


  • Limited edition, you might be waiting a while to see it show up in ah
  • SaWxIKaRiZmA
    3 posts New member
    I know lol been waiting 2 months now lol
  • Are you using it for power up?
  • SaWxIKaRiZmA
    3 posts New member
    [quote="names2long;c-2069395"]Are you using it for power up?[/quote]

    No just want it for my browns team and doesn’t look like he’s getting better card soon
  • That's a bummer that there's no power up card for him. I hope that card you want shows up in ah soon for you.
  • djmung
    51 posts Member
    Yeah it's a bummer. I bought it when in came out for 640k and sold it for 800k around the draft promo bc I thought there is no way he wouldnt get a draft card, but here we are almost june no powerup or better card. Disrespectful that lamar jackson and josh allen have better cards. I uave been rocking otto for my theme team, powered up he is a 98 and shoul get an UL sometime. Baker prob wont get an upgrade until late june or july with Blockbusters if they even do it.
  • I got him the other day for 700k I believe or around
  • names2long
    27 posts Member
    edited May 28
    Just saw him in ah
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