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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: February Title update

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Poorly designed solo battles

I understand why solo battles can only be played once and have no issues with that. I think it is dumb however that games cannot be finished. The electric just went out during my game so of course I got a DNF. Why can't you make solo battles an event so if you lose electricity, internet goes out, EA servers crash or something comes up and you need to leave in the middle of a game you could resume later. Make the roster be locked in before each game like in salary cap so people can't cheat by getting better players. This would be so simple. The way it is now just punishes people for things out of their control.


  • Solo battles are frustrating....I do everything I can...30+ completions, 300+yds passing, 200yds rushing, half a dozen ints, several sacks, Pick 6's......And STILL after all I do, I'm still over 8-10k from even SNIFFING top 100.......This last week after getting 2 hail mary packs, A Mid field pack, and a Redzone and Touchdown pack, my HIGHEST card I got was a 89 DT......SMH.....
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