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Eagles' Philly Special to be Featured on EA Sports' Madden NFL 20.

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Eagles fans will be able to re-live the greatest moment in franchise history in Madden NFL 2020, with the 'Philly Special' entering the game's newest playbook, according to EA Sports' Anthony White.

"It's under the pistol formation, but the set is called Philly and when you look at the play it says, 'Philly Special' and then 'Fake Philly Special,'" White told the Eagle Eye in the Sky Podcast on Monday.

"A couple of copycats popped up in the league last year, I know Week 17 the Dolphins ran it, I think the Falcons ran it. So I was like, 'Hey, well, what do we call it?

Do we call it Miami special? I know the Browns ran it, do we call it the Cleveland special in their playbook?' So we're actually just going to leave it 'Philly,' even if we put it in another team's playbook."

The Philly Special will live on in Philadelphia sports lore after Nick Foles' touchdown catch before halftime of Super Bowl LII. Foles became the first player to throw and catch a touchdown in the Super Bowl as Philadelphia defeated the Patriots 41-33.

The Philly faithful will have to dial-up the play with Carson Wentz under center in Madden 2020. Foles signed a four-year, $88 million deal with the Jaguars in March, leaving Philadelphia after four playoff victories over the last two seasons.

The Eagles finished second in the NFC East at 9–7 in 2018. They defeated the Bears in the NFC Wild Card before losing to the Saints.



  • kennylc76
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    I saw this. And my question is not specific to Philly Special. When we run a trick play... heck... even a play action... will we actually see the defenders bite? I know they added the pump fake in the game (well, it's always been in the game) but will the DB actually bite on the pump fake every now and then?

    What's the point in having the Philly Special when the AI will simply respond with their impenetrable zone defense at the goal line (who the heck runs zone at the goal line!!?!?!) When I choose my playbook, the first thing that I do is remove flea flickers and stuff like that because it doesn't fool the AI.

  • Im sure like in the past when something this big is added trick play wise it is over done and exploits the game. Remember the flea flicker glitch back in PC days?, The first year of the read option?, HB pass back in PC days? It was usually year 2-3 that they dropped it down and didnt work well at all. This first season Id expect it to be over exploited.
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