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Madden 20 and where it will fail just like most years since 2012

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Every year the EA team fails to provide these simple corrections to the game.

1. DBs locating men in their zone when it’s the only person there. People keep running corner routes or digs and safeties act like no one is in their zone.
2. RBs trip and stumble when the touch one of their blockers. These are elite athletes and EA makes it as if they don’t have any balance.
3. O-line picking up blocks and not getting beat immediately every time someone users a DL.
4. LBs reacting to ball in the air and quick throws off the line. This has been a problem in recent years, but I will zone an end to take away a quick throw off the line and my opponent will take the bait, but there goes my DE or OLB backpedaling like a moron while the ball goes right over his head. In real life, it’s the easiest pick a player could ask for, but if in Madden, it’s trash.
5. For the love of God dial back the speed threshold. When M. Butler can man and press T. Ginn and go stride for stride with him on a 9, something isn’t right.
6. Bring back the ability to lead WRs. Most long balls in this game are somewhat under thrown and if my WR has some steps on his guy, there’s a good chance it’s still gonna get tipped or he’s gonna have a pick opportunity.
7. Have good RBs and their ratings actually mean something. Latavius Murray and guys comparable have been so hard to bring down in the past and it doesn’t make any sense. Even guys like Zeke, who are phenomenal, rarely get tackled backwards.
8. When I hit an RB right at the handoff 3yds behind the line, he shouldn’t have a decent chance to get back to the line. The fall forward has been crazy.
9. You shouldn’t be able to line up in dine or a 3-3-5 and stop the run all game. You also shouldn’t be able to press flat across the line and have ur safeties 4yds off the line and survive all game without getting beat deep. Also bring back slants to the outside or drags to the outside to make people pay for doing this stuff.


  • JPGoinHam
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    From playing beta #2 has been fixed. #9 should most definitely be fixed, dont know how many times I ran into a player who runs a 3-4 cover 4 show 2 and puts everybody in box with no penalty smh. In real life that Defense Coordinator would be fired after his dbs get scorched all game.
  • Number 9 will never be fixed until the OL actually start driving their blockers off the ball (kinda like how APF does it) Sadly what happens is that the OL and DL dance at the LOS then when the RB gets close, either insta shed happens or animation kicks in.

    If this were fixed in the game, you would have heard about it by now. The fact that you haven't heard about it tells me otherwise
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