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Pre-snap Adjustments: New Time Mechanics

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From Clint's Twitter:
No quick hiking, no 18 seconds. Pre-play is now standardized & tunable. Both sides given a minimum of 5 seconds pre-snap for adjustments out if the huddle; 3 seconds in no huddle.
I like the spirit of this change, however I have a number of concerns that have not been addressed yet.

No-huddle offense is already crazy fast, and allows teams to disproportionately stress the defense, imo. It's one thing to keep the defense from substituting personnel, it's another thing to keep the defense from communicating. For example, if I successfully make adjustments during the last play, why do I have to keep making the same adjustments? These are adjustments that I may have needed all 5 seconds to complete, but now because someone pressed the Y button I have to make due with 3 seconds of adjustments. No fair, not fun. Please give the defense 5 seconds regardless of no-huddle.

Otherwise, I'll probably run a no-huddle offense this year on every play, (like virtually everyone else will) because that's a HUGE advantage!

*Letting players save their defensive adjustments so they could easily recall them in this situation would be a great way to solve this problem. Assuming it saves player positions, etc.
About the same as that. But that now doesn’t exist anymore. We wanted both sides to have the same time for adjustments consistently.
Then you should not discount the defense's time to make adjustments during no-huddle.
Not in the NFL. If there’s 4 seconds left on a running clock, it’s impossible to get the ball set and snapped in that time.
This is a very good point, and I want you to please consider where else this applies.

In the NFL teams do NOT EVER huddle up and snap the ball in 3 seconds. I know you're trying to reduce the dead time "between pitches" so to speak, but on average even if someone is moving the ball no-huddle at light speed we're talking about at least 10 seconds between plays. I don't believe that currently happens now, I think it's much shorter, so I hope you're accurately simulating that time. During a normal huddle the time is probably more like 21 seconds on average.

Regarding spiking the ball. This also means that there should be a very HEALTHY run off time (that doesn't currently exist in Madden 19). Probably more like 12 seconds because everyone has to get set. The fake spike also is a concern because if everyone is allowed to get to the line instantly and only wait 3 seconds to snap the ball, this too would be difficult to adjust to and could be abused if not tested thoroughly.

The time it takes to get Field Goal and Punt teams set are also comically unrealistic in Madden 19, and so I hope you guys adjust this to be more in line with what happens in the NFL. I have posted about this before, I remember Bill Cowher explaining that after timing his team in practice over and over again, it takes at a MINIMUM 17 full seconds to get the field goal team out on the field ready to kick a last second game winning field goal. So yeah, save those time outs! But only if you guys are legit trying to make this better and not worse. I think in Madden 19 you can kick a game winner as long as you have a total of like 8 seconds, which is just silly. (Because the field goal team isn't even on the field yet, but since they teleport instantly it creates an arcade like finish.)

Finally, I want to stress that no-huddle offenses should also have some down side to them. Normally in the NFL this would mean that their defenses are on the field too much (for a variety of reasons) and those teams are more likely to be gassed by the end of the game and give up leads, not be able to close out games etc. The Patriots are very strategic about using no-huddle in an effort not to disadvantage their defense. But other teams (like the Chip Kelly coached Eagles) were not smart enough to do this.

I wish you guys could put something in the game that would help simulate the stamina and efficient use of no-huddle so that we're not just seeing the upside but also seeing the downside. The same thing goes with running teams that successfully grind out long drives and wear the defense down (like the NY Jests with Mark Sanchez, who went to two AFC championship games doing this!). There's an NFL formula for this, and the lack of that style of play being viable in Madden makes a huge difference to a lot of people (like me).

Please consider and adjust accordingly.

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