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Ratings and X-Factors (and MUT)

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Tom Brady is getting old. It's not arguable. If you look at his performance in 2018, you'll see a decline in a number of areas. Is Tom Brady still the greatest QB of all time? Yes. Is Tom Brady still very effective? Yes.

But looking at the latest screen shots of Tom Brady's stats, he doesn't have 95 throwing power. In fact he's probably NEVER had 95 throwing power. Even if we are saying that the difference between 99 and 95 throw power will be significant and noticeable in Madden 20, this still doesn't make logical sense if you compare his ability to throw the ball down field in 2018. Watch any game and you'll see the reality. He's getting older, he's slowing down, his arm is not what it used to be (and it was never at 95).

If you compare him to other strong armed QB's in the league (Allen, Mahomes, Mayfield) there's simply no justification for making Brady a 95 Throw Power because we have to literally be saying that these three guys are 99, 98, 97 Throw Power. Which really seems odd to me. It's like saying in 1988 that John Elway was a 99 Throw Power but Joe Montana is a 95, no freakin way.

I know these stats are not final, but let's try to use some logic here. Brady Throwing Power? Watch more film. If you compare Brady to other QB's in the league you'll see he's not at the top tier in throwing power. I watched Ryan Tannehill vs. Brady and Tannehill had slightly more power, imo.

And let's extend that logic to X-Factors and MUT.

Michael Vick, even at his very best, threw poorly when he moved to his right. Teams would attempt to get him to move right on purpose because his efficiency throwing the ball was noticeably different. This is the kind of thing I'd love to see in the game, inherent weaknesses.

There are really all kinds of weaknesses that players have. If you watch the playoffs and the Super Bowl, you'll see Brady consistently have trouble throwing play actions passes. He nearly gets picked off like 7 times, it's no wonder they didn't just stop calling play action plays he was so bad at it.

It would sure be nice if each X-Factor had a weakness the defense or the offense could attempt to exploit.

And that's my problem with MUT. Every player on the field is basically a god. There are no weaknesses. I realize that it's called Ultimate Team. But even the 85 Bears defense had weaknesses. In MUT there are no weaknesses, it's like playing against the All-Madden team, and it's really boring because there are no match ups that really matter. I find REGS to be far more entertaining because every team has good players and bad players, and you're only as strong as your weakest link.

Please consider adding weaknesses to X-Factor players and throughout MUT. Having Michael Vick be unstoppable is frankly not doing justice to Michael Vick. He was great in many ways, but he wasn't very accurate throwing the ball, short, medium, or deep. He got better later in his career, but he also slowed down some and couldn't run the ball the same way he had in his early years. Yet somehow in MUT he gets to be both fast and accurate, where as a guy like Dan Marino doesn't get that luxury. My point is that 99 Vick is probably the younger version that couldn't throw very well and couldn't throw hardly at all to his right.

The game is better (imo) when we're more accurate and we're not creating players that didn't exist in the history of football. Please, for Madden 20, can you just make players from earth, players that are great sure, but players that also are human and have significant weaknesses?
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