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EA Play - Live Stream Thanks!

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Just finished watching the EA Play Live Stream. Thanks for sharing that new information.

I thought the following new features looked really good.

- New animations
- RPO Plays
- Trick Plays
- New Playbook Plays (Raiders)
- Pass Rush (Pushing the pocket)
- Pump Fake
- New Scramble Mechanics

However, I was really disappointed that almost everything new in the game is benefiting the offense. When you showed the play from the Raiders playbook, instead of being super excited about the new play all I could think was "Great it looks like corner routes are still unstoppable."

When you showed Aaron Donald, it really came off as underwhelming in comparison to the offensive X-Factors and Super Star abilities. And really that's just a byproduct of there being no real pass rush in Madden. I mean Aaron Donald is a special kind of scary, there's no doubt, but all the linemen in the NFL are deserving of being feared and that's not at all represented. What exactly is the defense supposed to do against offenses that have all day to throw the ball and make really long reads? What I was hoping I was going to see was that Pat Mahomes had to throw the ball within 2 seconds, but instead I saw kind of an advancement of the Playmaker ability where the offense can fake everyone out and has just huge advantages over the defense.

In real life, defensive players are thinking independently. They're not just statically "slanting to the right" or dropping into a hook zone. And I certainly don't expect you guys to develop 11 man independent AI, but it would be nice if you could start adding a defensive "toolbox" that really can counter the stuff the offense is doing.

To start with. You can't have routes that can't be covered by the AI, like crossers, slants, corners. Their has to be some instances where the defenders cover those routes really well and the offense can't just "know" they're always open.

Secondly, pass rush pressure has to be significant for all players, not just super stars. I mean if you're Pat Mahomes and you're standing in the pocket you should not get an endless amount of time to throw a deep pass, and because their are "some instances where the defenders cover those routes really well" you should be checking down or know that you're going to get sacked.

Lastly, I didn't see anything mentioned about throwing trajectory, and it wasn't obvious to me from watching the stream what has changed (if anything).

Again, thanks for sharing the new information. Please give players more tools on defense. Please upgrade the AI so that "money plays" are not really a thing.

I went back and watched the footage from the stream again. There's really almost zero pass rush. If this is how the average passing play is going to work, we're not going to see an improvement form Madden 19 to 20. Players are just going to wait to bomb it down the field every play and scramble around like always.

The pocket has to move, the running lanes have to be vastly different on every play, and yes some players other than super X-Factor guys need to do something other than stand around taking up space.

I don't see the "Chess Match" Clint. I see a static defense where the offensive player has 100% vision of the field and an expectation that they can sit in the pocket for 5 to 10 seconds running the same plays over and over again.

Maybe there was more going on than I could see? Maybe there was "pressure" but the on screen message wasn't showing? I really liked the Aaron Donald move pushing the pocket forward and presumably because Russel Wilson doesn't move in the pocket to get away from that pressure he throws a bad pass. That's great, but not every team has an Aaron Donald. Again, these are NFL players, they're not sock puppets. Why can't all the players on the field contribute to "team" defense? Why can't there be more of a sense of the pocket collapsing around the QB on every play?

Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised when the game comes out. (Fingers crossed that we'll get more of a defensive toolbox)
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    Regarding the new QB scramble mechanic. I think that it may get over powered if players use fast QB's on what amounts to a designed throw to a particular receiver. The impact of making the receiver icons disappear doesn't really have much of an affect is you're always throwing to the same receiver. So why not randomize the receivers icons every time the QB goes into scramble mode, because obviously the QB has stopped looking down field and is now a running back? I think this would be MUCH more balanced.

    New Subject:
    After watching some more videos. It appears that the pressure from Aaron Donald is also removing passing icons. This would be really interesting if when you tried to pass to those receivers the throw was somehow going to be bad when there was pressure.

    However, if a player memorizes what passing icons each receiver has, who cares? I mean most people run the exact same play for the entire game so they're going to know who they're trying to throw to.

    Now if you tell me that every time there is pressure the receiver icons go off and reshuffle, once you get away from the pressure they come back up but now you have to accurately throw to the right guy...ok, that makes sense to me - but it would be really really hard.

    I love the idea of having more pressure in the game in this sense, but I really need to see how it works, exactly. The way it was shown today leaves a lot of questions hanging.
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