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Day 1 Impressions

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edited June 2019
So a little about myself first.

Im not a MUT/Lobby player. I strictly play Sim style leagues. So playing the online is really not my style since its set to arcade, pro level. I usually play all pro/all madden simulation. So its a compley difffernt type of play. But I took a shot at a few tries.

Was tough to judge as everyone runs st8 to the sidelines with the HB, sprints to sidelines with qb and play makers. Defense all I saw was cov 3 and cov 2 zones. Then most quit by half time. So wasnt much to look at to really judge the play of the game. Played 4 games H2H(3-1) then let son play a few as well. Also played 6 Franchise games(4 vs CPU, 2 vs my son)

H2H and Franchise notes
***( I set my franchise to Simulation/All pro with Defensive sliders boosted up to 70 for both Reaction time and Pass coverage on both user and cpu to be more realistic)

game play

- Tackling was pretty bad. When u user a player the AI sucks them into blockers coming from the oppt direction. You cant avoid it. (Saw this on both modes).
- Hit stick was over powered as I saw tons of fumbles in these games. Instant hit sticks right on cths, kick returns, and runners(Also saw on both modes)
- Players jumping sideways 5 plus yards was a little unrealistic.
- I felt defense was a little too easy at times, esp vs man cover which is why everyone prob played only the same two zones. Now when I played Franchise I turned the Reaction time and Pass cov up to 70 each and played much more realistic.
- I saw a bunch of times WRs much faster then the DB burned by the DB. CBs with 88 spd example low ovr sticking right with a 94-99 spd wr, even out beating them to the ball.

- Love the fact now the LB lurk is much harder. Now most were playing DB at sub LB but that affected there run defense which was a plus. The lurk is still there but a lot harder then M19.
- Pass rush is quicker. This makes people have to read progressions faster and not hold onto the ball. This mostly resulted in people sprinting to the sidelines but a simple QB spy took care of that trash, lol. Against the CPU or sim style you can see the positives of this add on.
- The mid cross, Post is not as easy this year. You can see the defense AI does a better job when in zones covering those middle routes now. The outside routes however do suffer a bit for it.
- Was happy to see that pressure affects the players passing accuracy. Forces bad throws, out of bounds throws.
- Nice to see they fixed the forward progress with the ball carrier. Has been a issue for a few maddens now. Looked good this time.

- Running felt more fluid for sure. Was happy to see that. Feels more like past maddens but that also has its downfalls as everyone took a dive st8 to the edge which was kinda of lame. When I ran in the middle, it felt nice and had some nice holds to slide into.
- The trajectory of the passing did fell better. You can see the ball just hit over the db on the corner routes. Can fit it in nicely against the cov 2.

- Agility was a little too easy to weave in and out of lanes with any player. But this also ties into the tackling issues i saw.
- Felt the Qbs were too unrealistic on how they can stop on a dime and cut so fast to other direction. Really also for the Hbs. Felt too much like arcade. This even was noticed in the franchise on sim setting.

- Happy the custom playbook is still there as a option.
- Franchise was not much different. New graphics but that's about it. Everything else was a the same old stuff, was very disappointed in that aspect. Expected at least a few changes, add on's etc.
- Really hate the fact you took away the prev play when your on defense. I felt that is a issue. Esp sim leagues who use that to check players are mixing there plays. Or those who like to scout there oppt during the game.
- I like the option that you dont have to cov audible anymore. You can set it in the setting. However not a bi fan of the not breaking the huddle. Makes setting up a def play a little harder.

I will add more at another time. Will focus mostly on Franchise since its a better way to judge the game play from all areas, and more data to look at.


  • NatureBoy2323
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    edited June 2019
    This is a great example of the kind of feedback we are looking for this weekend. The Pros and the Cons, the likes and dislikes and the good and the bad. Please remember to visit our feedback forums to provide feedback to the Dev team. The link is below. Thanks guys.

  • Slow passing mechanics, defense is super slow compared to offense, cannot catch players once you fall behind including diving.
  • DeathByEagle
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    edited June 2019
    Day 2 ( Will try and not repeat myself from Day 1 notes)

    Mostly played all Franchise(Simulation, All Pro with modified sliders)


    - Suction blocking was really bad. If you are running towards a player(rec or runner) to make a tackle, if there is a blocker behind him a few yards away your player without your control will hit the oppt direction and suck into the blocker. this use to be a issue many maddens ago.
    - When playing defense if you swap defenders to make a tackle, your player slows down and almost stops resulting in a miss chance to tackle the player.
    - RPO is a bit rushed. If you dont throw the bal the instant you snap the ball it will result in a illegal man down field or the ball handed off. Seams a bit rushed. This has been mentioned in other posts.
    - Limited Franchise add on's. I see a very few additions. Would have loved to see a more in depth add on's in at least one area. It needs a ton of work but should have started with one area per madden. Like contracts for example. yes they ask for more. But add the 5th year option, restructures, Back.front loading etc.
    - The Superstars are a bit over kill on both sides of the ball. If you approach anywhere near a SS DB or LB they hitstick u forcing fumbles way too much. Had to reduce sliders to 5 to make it more realistic. Still had some but maybe 1 a game which is more realistic then 4-5. Also CBs anywhere within 5 yards of the pass will result in a pick every time. Jumping sideways animations 100 mph. On offense I have the Eagles. Ertz wont drop a pass, and just seams over kill in every situation. Would be nice for my league but id rather is be more realistic and toned down a bit.
    - LBs act a little too dumb now. They can be staring at the ball coming at them and not move or even attempt to make a play on it.
    - Draft scouting is off. I had some players hit all 3 metrics as A's but there number was no where near the 90 range . Some low 80's which should be a "B" rating.
    - Regression is still very bad. Players dropping 3-5 ovr points even with a nice season. i know they want you to focus on drafting in younger players but is very unrealistic on how much they drop so quick.


    - Sliders helped a ton with some issues. Defense overall does play better with even just a little adjustments in the sliders. Inj sliders(funny EA set franchise to default 40 but H2H at 10, lol), Fumble sliders, tackling sliders are a must to make it more realistic.
    - The new Cord goals are nice to see. Hit the goal and land a bonus.
    - Fixed asking price for FAs
    - Added route tree option for Superstar recs. Nice addition to add the bonus options. i heard this was a MUT option last madden, now avail for franchise.
    - Love that the outside routes hit some love this year. The mid routes are still there but not as OP as past. However the outside routes like Corners, Outs(short or deep), curl routes all can play a nice role this year.
    - The blitz actually works without setting up nanos and moving players all over the place. now this can have its downfall as well. In a non sim lg I can see people over blitzing to create a instant sack or force a QB to throw a bad pass. My lg we have a max % of your snaps that you can blitz so wont hurt in our situation, only will see the positive of it.
    - Like that the Spin and Juke were toned down. They still can work at times with certain players but is not automatic every time with every player. However I do think the agility on players is over kill. A lot of cuts on a dime without any negs like past maddens. Players shouldnt be able to cut on a dime like that and weave in and out that fast. Even with the speed button down.
    - DEs wont break off a block automatically every time your QB hits outside the pocket is a plus. Past maddens once you hit the edge of the pocket the DE would shed the blocker instantly, not the case anymore. Still will happen at times, but the player abilities play a role in it.

    *** I did hit the feedback area and voted on many of the topics i had listed. Didnt want to add the same topics there. There was one main one I did not see so did post a topic(Suction Blocking)

  • Cseeman22
    3 posts New member
    I play off line franchise and control all 32 teams, I believe we need to be able to call plays for both teams if we want to ( add as an option). We had this option in Madden 08 why did you take it out?Also the ability to restart a game at the exact location ( again this was available in Madden 08). I play Strickly PC so the last version I enjoyed was Madden 08. If you could keep all the updated graphics, ratings etc and just put back the ability to control all both teams during the game this would be a great game. Seriously, I am considering going back to Madden 08 and not even looking at any future versions of Madden.
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