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Since DDA supposedly isn't in the game

Ive seen multiple videos about how developers claim that, although EA holds the parent for dynamic difficulty adjustment, theyve chosen not to use it in any of the games. Fair! If they say it isn't in the game, then it's not in the game. But what IS in this game that drives this seemingly, very scripted gameplay.. even in userVSuser online. Is the game REALLY suppose to be enjoyable when you play someone who does everything wrong on their end, but the ai players over compensated to give them an insane advantage? What are people suppose to think when the game plays like that? Or games where you may play terrible but still manage to blow the other person out... That's not fun.. it's not enjoyable. There is so much wrong with the ai in this game it's too much to type...
So much in this game is out of the users control and that's a problem that should be corrected
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