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7 straight years @#1 **XBOX** Will get Legends roster "ShocksLegends" July 4th

So dont get sour, Me and my research team will bring u the top download 7 straight years, for another year. I will post at a later date every team All-franchise roster. Last year i created 1736 past players, everything from otto graham to devin hester. I plan on adding even more players this year. So for those WHO DOWNLOADED, and didnt see players u wanted to see, i will be adding more to '20.

Will be added to Shocks legends in 20 by fan interaction at ea play in los Angeles i had a digital poll. Here were the top votes out of 2500 votes:

Shawn king -bucs (9321 votes)
Garrison hearst -cards (3682 votes)
Rickey watters- 49ers (1554 votes)
Quadry Ishmael -raiders (840 votes)
Tim dwight -falcons (521 votes)
Ron jaworski - eagles (463 votes)

*the rest were under 100 votes, BUT some nice names of "Who coulda been's" taken away from game too early. Dont forget to follow me on xbox @The SHOCKER36.

1ST INSTALLMENT of shockslegends will be JULY 4TH, and only for XboxOne. Updates and additions will be daily till complete...dont forget to hit like and send msg u downloaded, for a chance to win 25,000 Microsoft points (NOT A TYPO) at drawing on august 4th.
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