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I suggest accurate butt designs.

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I watch my boyfriend play Madden very often, and it seems like you guys usually use a basic stock butt design, slap it on your player models, and scale it to size based on their build. As an artist and football-player-butt enthusiast it saddens me to see a lack of detail on these models, especially during the off seasons when I can't keep up with my favorite players as often. One of the questions I had about this game was whether or not you guys would make your player models more accurate, and yes including butts. I can't speak for everyone but 10/10 I would never complain about my boyfriend playing Madden ever again and I would even go back to trying the really hard tutorials again. I messaged EA help to get some answers but they said they didn't have any information at this time on character or butt design and they suggested I post here in the forums. Thank you for reading!


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