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Quick Add-On?

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I had an image I was going to share to better display my thoughts, but I should be alright with text.

In MUT, in the area where the currencies (coins, training, etc.) are listed, can we get a section for number of items listed in the AH? It could be a simple integer number with a label under it that just says "AH" or a fraction "0/20" with "AH" or "Auctions" or something along those lines listed under it. It would be nice to have that visual representation of the number of items listed present at all times without having to go in the AH menu to see it. Maybe it is just me and not something everyone else would like to have. I think it would be an easy fix. You have a label with the value of an already existing variable and a label with static text.

I hope there are some options to format the currency menu as well. The coin total was very difficult to read this year.
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