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Solo Battles Issue/Updated Reward Tier and Next Steps

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Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

Earlier today we received reports that some players did not receive their Solo Battle Rewards from last week. Our MUT Development Team is still investigating the issue but the Solo Battle Rewards should be going out by tomorrow afternoon, if not sooner to impacted players.

During the investigation, the MUT Development Team also identified an issue where the Solo Battle Leaderboards were not correct. Since the Solo Battle Leaderboards will be incorrect this week and there is no way to address this issue in a timely manner, the decision has been made to remove the Top 100 placement category and adjust the Ultimate Tier Rewards for this week.

What does this mean? This means that for the final week of Solo Battles, the MUT Development Team will be increasing the reward for the Ultimate Tier category. Next week, those players that place in the Ultimate Tier will receive the rewards for those that usually place in the Top 26-50 category.

The reward breakdown is below:
  • 125,000 Coin Quicksell
  • 10 Series 7 Trophies
  • 3 Touchdown Packs
  • 2 Redzone Packs
  • 2 Midfield Packs
  • 2 Hail Mary Packs
**The reward breakdown above will be reflected in game tomorrow afternoon.**

As a reminder, the final update for Solo Battles will be the week of July 1st. This means that that there will be no more Solo Battles starting on Monday, July 8th.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as our teams work through this issue.

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