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Cross platform?

Why not? This should be a no brainier give us cross platform EA. I am on Ps4 but fair amount of my friends are on Xbox, I didn't buy madden for the last 3 years because it's not cross platform I really don't want to miss out this year.


  • DeathByEagle
    84 posts Member
    edited July 2019
    I can tell you why not. Cause they make more $$$ forcing people that have multiple systems to buy one for each. You want to play your buddies on Xbox, buy the game, then you have friends on PS4, have to buy that game as well. They go cross platform they take away that extra margin. Yes it might only be throwing a random number out there 5%, but its a extra 5% which is a big chunk of change. You have to remember they are a company that has a monopoly on the NFL video game market. They are looking to improve there stock, which is reflected by sales. All about the cash flow baby.
  • cwaite2828
    1 posts New member
    What about people that only have a ps4...
  • Tough cookies would be the saying in that case. lol
  • Madden will never be cross platform
  • Sezkis
    1 posts New member
    wait that just doesn't make any sense they would make way more money making the game cross platform since more people would be more inclined to buy the game since they can play with their friends on any console
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