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Does anything work

9 posts Member
edited July 2019
is there anything that works? lead player throws it behind 99 catch players can't catch o line can't block nleven with best players/chems player stats don't mean a thing 99 ovr safeties and corners with ps and coaching adjustments play ball let balls go literally between their hands meanwhile opposing safeties will somehow dive through my receivers chest and pick the ball juke moves don't work no matter how early you press the button unless of course I'm on offense where magically my unfakeable players will get "user spun" and what is this joke of zone defense? no one stays in their zone. is there ANYTHING that works on this game? [Removed]never seen a game that works less than it doesn't [Removed]

Removed seriously inappropriate comments and edited title ~Rtas
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  • EA_Rtas
    65 posts EA Moderator
    Alright you can be as negative as you want about the game as you're entitled to have and post your opinion. But it needs to be constructive. I've edited your post for some comments that were coming across pretty toxic.

    I'm locking this thread now, as I said above you're entitled to have your opinion and post it whether it's negative or positive but it needs to stay constructive.
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