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No huddle time runoff at the end of the 2nd and 4th quarter

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I lost a game down 3 in FG position because I got a completion in the middle of the field with 15 seconds left. Clicked hurry up offense to see if I could get off a play then call the TO. But after the simulated time run off to get back to the LOS, the game was over.

Last 2 mins of half and last 2 min of the game, the hurry up offense should be shown so if you need to, you can call timeout while your team is running back to the line, rather than simulating the end of game with no chance to call timeout.
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    Yes, this is a huge problem! I've had many late-game or late-half situations go awry because I like to call timeouts with certain amounts of time remaining depending on field position. I was shocked when this feature came about, and I really hope more people complain about it so it can change.

    It's pretty much the equivalent to a coach being able to call timeouts based on time while seeing if his team will make it up to the line in time. But when that moment is skipped, time management becomes very difficult and unrealistic. EA, help us!
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