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Is there anyway to have a more realistic simulation with running QB's? Just like last year, running QB's never run when simulating on user teams or CPU teams. Just simulated year 1, Cam Newton 7 car, 40 yards, 0 td
Lamar Jackson 4 car, 6 yards, 0 td
Kyler Murray 2 car, 7 yards, 0td
Not saying they need to lead the league or outgain RB, but it would be great to have some realistic stats, makes it more fun when playing games and trying to outgain some of those dual threat qbs


  • I agree! Not only with the dual threat quarterbacks, but also the elite receivers as follows; D. Hop( Texans ), Juilo ( Falcons ), Ju-Ju ( Steelers ), Keenan Allen ( Chargers ), A.B. ( Raiders ) Mike Evans ( Bus ), etc just to name a few. Just like last year's Madden, not only did the dual threat quarterbacks not have many rushing stats, but the elite receivers didn't have many stats as well. There would be scrub receivers leading the league in catches, yards, and touchdowns.
  • I agree! And I sadly think it's the same right now in madden 20. Willie snead led the league in rec yards, pierre Garcon signed with gb and led in receptions with 105, and julio had 55 rec for 705 yards. I love when guys surprise you and have a breakout year, and it would be boring if every superstar had amazing years all the time, but barring injury it's not realistic that matt ryan is only going Julio's way for 55 completions lol
  • Well said! It kind of takes a little fun out of the game. Not only trying to get the best record with your team, but also competing with the likes of Drew Brees or Pat Mahomes for most pass yards in the league, or compete with Adam Thelen or A B. for most catches, or Lamar Jackson for most rush yards by a quarterback.
  • Trevztouts
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    Enforcer ability is OP. Forces fumbles almost 90% of the time. Recommend patching that asap, lowering fumble % for enforcer ability. Maybe increase short injury caused % for these players instead to keep the ability relevant. Dont know whats possible. Playing simulation all madden on ps4. Youtubers have noted that forced fumbles happen far too often in general. As well as injuries to Running backs.
  • In CFM fantasy draft, can you have it where we can see who was drafted by what team? You can't tell what position goes fast. Also can update where we can pick the draft order?
  • I dont see a way now, but you should be able to. I dont think you can see a pick by pick summary in the regular offseason draft either unless you simulate pick by pick which would take forever. It would be nice to be able to see when a run of whatever position is going, so you can jump in with a trade like in real life
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