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(PS4) Kicking Meter Disappears



  • srek77
    5 posts New member
    Let's hope that the will fix it with the upcoming update.
  • Its stupid
  • They need to give the option for people who want it
  • Dasbus94
    1 posts New member
    This is up there with Fight for the Fumble (madden 10) for all time worst features if it was intended (its stupidly difficult, lazy and completely unrealistic). If it is just a glitch as people are suggesting then why has it already taken EA over 2 months to do anything about it.

    Shame on you EA,

    Disgruntled UK Madden Player
  • NatureBoy2323
    3675 posts Game Changer
    Fixed an issue preventing the kick meter from appearing late in games for Franchise players when using longer quarter lengths.

    DEV NOTE: We know this bug has been impacting some Franchise players since launch and we’ve been working on it from our end just as long. We finally found the cause of this problem, which was hitting a max limit of in-game graphical feedback elements. This limit could only be reached in games with exceptionally long quarter lengths and explains why the kick meter would tend to go away in the fourth quarter.

    The title update should take care of this issue.

  • Thank you !! That makes sense. I wasn't seeing it the preseason where i play 10 min Q but was seeing it in the season when i switched to 15MQ
  • It’s October and still not fixed. Game is fun but the bugs are killing me. EA please fix your game
  • Xbox one solo battle, same problem. Kick meter disappear just before half and never appeared again
  • EA_Roger
    1483 posts EA Community Manager
    @Abstract535 @julien5549 , from what we know this issue was resolved at the beginning of the month. Can you confirm whether or not your game is up to date?
  • Kicking meter is gone. We have done all the updates.
  • As of today the problem is still there. Running 8 min quarters connected franchise on xbox one. Usually it happens in the 4th but today I had the kick meter for first kickoff but after that no meter for the rest of the game
  • Happened On Xbox one today in a MUT challenge in the second quarter. Yes I have the updates.
  • Sokarai
    2 posts New member
    One way I’ve had happen twice now is if I try to pause the game after taking a timeout, I get a delay of game because the game won’t let me do anything until after the penalty and then the kick meter is gone for the rest of the game on all kicks. Playing 7 min quarters on franchise against AI. Happened in 4th and 2nd quarter. Obviously was a bigger issue but still an issue. Fully updated.
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