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Everything You Need to Know About Theme Builders.

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Firm handshakes everyone because MUT Season is officially here. I hope everyone is ready for totally normal sleep schedules, where we definitely do not stay up too late, as we all start building our MUT teams.

Speaking of building our MUT Teams, let’s take a look at one of the MUT 20 launch programs: Theme Builders. With Theme Builders, you’ll be getting tokens as you level up to unlock Theme Builder Challenges, and then after completing the Challenges, you’ll be rewarded with a Theme King.

Refresher: Challenges are essentially solos. The difference is you can now complete Challenges with your friends if you choose. Also, you can still play Challenges by yourself so don’t let your friends peer pressure you and slow you down. We have some grinding to do.

What are Theme Builders?
Challenges and Sets you need to complete in order to get your Theme King.

What are Theme Kings?
Each team has an 86 OVR NAT (no auction/trade) Theme King that you, yes you, can obtain for free just by grinding Challenges.

How do I get Theme Selector Tokens?
For every 5 MUT Levels you achieve, you’ll receive 1 Theme Selectors Token. Since the current MUT Level cap is Level 50, you’ll be able to obtain a maximum of 10 Theme Selector Tokens. This is important because you’re only going to be able to obtain 10 Theme Kings total to start the MUT year.

How do I unlock the Challenges?
Head on over to Sets and select the Theme Builders set. After you add your token into your team of choice, not only will you unlock the team’s Challenges, but you’ll also be getting that team's jerseys, playbooks, stadium and head coach. Now when you go to Challenges and select the Theme Builder sequence, you’ll see the Challenges for your team of choice.

What do I get from the Challenges?
These Challenges are 16 full games that start at 3 minute quarters and increase up to 5 minute quarters later in the sequence. Completing the Challenges gets you:

- 9600 Coins
- 50 Training
- Theme Kings Power-Up Card
- Theme Kings Core Elite (NAT)
- 86 OVR Theme King (NAT)

You can complete all of the Challenges with 1 star until the very last Challenge where you will need 3 stars to unlock the 86 OVR Theme King. The 14th Challenge will also require you to achieve 3 stars if you want the Core Elite of that player.

Never forget that it’s your MUT team at the end of the day, but here are my 10 favorite Theme Kings:

- George Kittle, TE 49ers
- Tarik Cohen, RB Bears
- Adrian Amos, SS Packers
- Darius Slay, CB Lions
- Alex Mack, C Falcons
- Myles Garrett, RE Browns
- Amari Cooper, WR Cowboys
- T.J. Watt, LOLB Steelers
- Marcus Gilbert, RT Cardinals
- C.J. Mosley, MLB Jets

Check out the list of all of the Theme Kings in Muthead's database:


This article was written by Hope from MUT Head.com



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