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Tackling, Solo Battles, rating diference

So just to talk a bit about solo battles.

Let me start by saying I like what you all have done with Madden 20, it is really fun and crisp.

#1 Tackling in solo battles is very shaky. I have a 85+ defense, Maxed Bobby Wagner, k.Mack, Strahan, Highest rated corners etc etc. When I play the computer the amount of tackles I miss compared to 19 is crazy.

#2 These missed tackles are coming against level 61 bronze cards. One of your big selling points this year was showing us the difference in card power. On Ultimate there is very little. If I had a team 20 points+ better in Madden 19 I was winning by 50 in Madden 19.

#3 Often these missed tackles come on 3rd and long, and drive me insane, and EVERYONE whiffs on the 64 whatever card. It is infuriating. And they generally score a 75 yard TD.

#4 Tackling is not near as solid as 19, stick skills are very short range, and sometimes long range.

#5 My 85 offensive line with 90 Larry Allen gets reverse pancaked by level 68 teams?

#6 And you took the most effective stretch sweep from the 49ers playbook that has been there for years out? Please replace it. The overall running game is very hard on Ultimate (I know it is supposed to be, talking from years of experience here) I have a 85+ offense with a core elite Todd Gurley at RB. He should not get dropped non stop or caught by 61 overall defenders.

I get ultimate is supposed to be ultimate level, but at the moment I honestly cannot tell much difference then when I played ultimate with a 68 team.

I hope this helps, Looking forward to another awesome year of Madden! O wait, one last thing...………

WHY did you get rid of normal gold packs in the store that could be bought for coin? I get they were crappy packs but they were good for daily objectives, the occasional good card, tokens, Diamond sets, etc, etc. Spending 5k for 1 gold card rather then a gold pack (which we get a few in challenges so they exist) stinks.

Bring back normal gold packs please! I saw the 5k and thought you all were being more cool with coinage, and then realized you get 1 card...……..I know this has probably never been said in American History, but it could possibly make EA look greedy a bit :-)
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