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QB AI has not improved in Madden 20

1 posts New member
Like M19 AI QB's seem incapable to sense pass rushers and create space in a smart way to avoid a sack. The QB's regularly just run straight backwards to create space and are sacked for 20-30 yards. The animation of a QB turning his back away from the line of scrimmage is the most immersion breaking one of all. Once hit or bumped they seem dazed and rarely recover to throw the ball. QB's still seem to get stuck on O-lineman and get sacked. All QB's regardless of speed or style should run for their lives when necessary. I understand that some Madden players enjoy racking up 8-10 user sacks a game. I'm okay with that if that were in arcade mode. I'm all for people enjoying the game their way. However In sim mode QB's should be able to buy time or just abandon the pass and try to get a few yards running the ball. I know EA can fix this. I loved NCAA 14 and QB scrambling was very good in that game.
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