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Gameplay Difficulty Balance?

I cant find a happy medium in difficulty. 6 games in with the Bears, here are my stats between All-Pro and All-Madden

All Pro-(3-0)
54 ppg
Trubisky 1050 yards, 13 td, 0 int, 9 incompletions
Cohen 585 rush yards, 35 carries
Mack 9.5 sacks, 5 FF

All madden 3-0
17 ppg
Trubisky 500 yards, 5 td
Cohen 55 car, 120 yds
Mack 0 sacks

Is there anyway to have competitive games but with decently fun stats?? I dont mind some defensive battles but I only cracked 200 yards once. Would be nice to find something in the middle, anyone know when the 1st update is coming?


  • My guy I am with you I am not understanding how one of the best LBs/DE in the game who cannot be guarded does not have a sack against Green Bay who has almost the worst OL in the league. Let alone every tackle is broken with a user, but if I allow the CPU to tackle they miss. I just need an understanding as well.
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