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Houston Texans and defenses

1. Anyone have any tips for a Houston Texans user with the Houston Texans?
- Like what D I should run
- Good plays
- Things I can work on?

2. What is the difference between

3-4, Dime, Nickel and so on? They all seem like they have the same plays and just line up different.
3. How would I know its better to use a dime package or a 3-4 or nickel


  • Wow... assuming this is a real post... Pick your defense play by play depending on the personnel of the offense.

    2 WR... go 3-4
    3WR...go nickel
    4WR...go dime

    This will help you avoid a mismatch of having a slow LB covering a fast WR.

    Granted... this is only the tip of the iceberg.... but it's a start.
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