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Server issue with Solo Battles on Xbox?

Each time I've attempted to start a solo battle, the server kicks me and I need to restart Madden to reconnect to the servers. Not having this issue in other game modes within MUT (in solos playing theme builders now). Anyone else having an issue? Got an L on two games on the new battles because of this -_-


  • Yeah up 14-0 with the ball going into the 4th and it kicks me. And take the L that's so wrong. Only get some many ls and you cant get legend. I'm about to be done playing solo battles
  • Yeah each sequences I get disconnected at least one time, but only from madden, not xbox live .... it kinda majes solo battle frustrating, i get a lost i couldn’t even play.... can you not put a lost if there were no kickoff at least....
  • 2 disconnects out of 4 games this morning, this is a real joke !!!!!! We should get a reward for thos disconnect we couldn’t even play...
  • I've had the same happen in H2H and get a loss on seasons (weekly goal to play a playoff game), as well as weekend league. What I find more frustrating is sometimes I have to restart Xbox to resolve the issue.
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