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Solo battles are borked after patch

The cheating by the CPU is quite frankly the worst I have saw in a long time in a Madden game.

87 overall team and I cannot tackle a 72 JuJu to save my life. Everyone just bounces of him. l Virtually every CP score is 1 play. Or you get them to 3rd down and a mile, and they run a play and there is no defender even on the screen to the person they throw too.

My 85+ O line got massacred by a 72 Von Miller. 6 Sacks him alone. 91 overall Patrick M, throwing non stop to a point that is advantageous to the defender and not where the ball should be.

I honestly had to quit playing after 2 games in disgust.

What is the point in having a 87 overall team if you cannot tackle a silver player, let alone catch one. Or my 90 speed WR getting chased down by BRONZE CB's.

Turn the cheating off. The game is no fun.

(And before people message me, no I am not going to run the same broken play 500 times in a row to win, they need to fix their game)


  • If I could give a million likes and agrees for this I would, not that that would help but everything said is true and they know it too
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