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Face of the franchise seems rigged/already simulated

I cant help but think when im playing that the outcome is already decided sometimes. I win games but i literally have to run the same empty spread with 2 slants on the left over and over to have a successful drive sometimes. Even when i force a mismatch with a d end on a running back, the d end covers him like glue.. thats not possible. And when a receiver is wide open, gets both hands on the ball, and a star player goes to make a tackle he just so happens to drop the ball.. or if im dominating on offense, and a d end, the same d end over and over gets 3 sacks in a row... there have been multiple rimes where a d end phases through my lineman to get a sack.. something is seriously off about madden, and there always has been


  • Jmajik18
    2 posts New member
    Also regularly hearing the commentators announce a TD, only I'm somehow down at the 1 yard line. Watching the replay it's clearly a TD, but I can't challenge. is it always this buggy?
  • dcm6869
    2 posts New member
    It's a joke. The cpu never kicks the ball in game winning situations. Additionally, the players fumble on every important down. The players run into the defense as opposed to open space. The ai is just dumb as a rock.
  • hbvccsdc
    1 posts New member
    it's not only that though. Try simulating a season in franchise mode. You'll eventally come to realize that the game already seems to have a predetermined number of stats in mind for each and every player. when i got to week 17 of my first year i wanted to give the Colts a little bost so that they would make the playoffs. as you might know they'll be up against the Jaguars in their last game who at that point of my season were 3-12. I figured maybe i don't have to make use of the force-a-win-feature, they'll be fine. However they lost so i had to load an earlier save. i used said feature and Andrew Luck ended up with the exact same amount of passing yards and TDs like he did in the loss. i went back to try and see if this was just a coincidence and no matter how used the feature Luck and also Foles always ended up with the exact same stats. Even when i didn't use the feature and just reloaded an erlier save to try if by any chance the Colts would somehow be able to pull off a win by themselves, same result. That kind of game engine is just pathetic.
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