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Custimize X-Factor/Superstar Abilities?

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I've been looking through the Manage Roster for a way to edit/add/remove the X-Factor/Superstar abilities and traits, but can't seem to find a way to do it. Can't seem to add any to custom players, either. Am I overlooking something, or is this particular feature not customizable? If not, it really should be.


  • CMK494
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    Le bump
  • Absolutely agree with this. Single most wished for update for me.
  • It's just weird that this wouldn't be a customizable option. I'm all for adding new features, but not including an way to customize it seems like an odd oversight.
  • I think that the cpu earns them & chooses as they progress
  • > @DyeusVita said:
    > I think that the cpu earns them & chooses as they progress

    How would that apply to regular roster management? I figured that type of ability would have to be earned in other game modes, but didn't know if any of that translated to custom rosters.
  • There's not really a way to get a mixed load out yet, that I've found in franchise at least. If you're a field general QB you're almost guaranteed to get conductor, pocket deadeye (that doesn't sound completely right) and inside deadeye. If you're a scrambling QB, I always get leap frog (ugh, hate that one) and spin cycle. Strong arm quarterback I'm always getting Bazooka for an x-factor.

    I try mixing it up a bit. If I unlock my x-factor as a field general at 80 over all say, then I pump my dev points from there into scrambler. Not getting much as far as being able tailor the abilities to what I want.

    I would honestly be ok with it staying that way once you jump into franchise, but making the ss and x-factor abilities fully customizable before jumping into a franchise would be fantastic. I could work with that.
  • That omission might be the biggest gripe I have with the game, oddball bugs/glitches aside. I still think it’s weird that tattoos aren’t an option for player customization, but that’s a whole different issue.
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