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4-5 WRs

Is it just me or does this game not have 4-5 WR sets?

I was creating a playbook. I could not find the Singleback Spread nor the Gun-Spread formation. Even the Gun- 5WR Trio formation... when you play the game, the HB is in the slot and the TE is in the other slot position. Any formation that 'looks' like would be a 4 WR has the TE in it.

Assuming I'm not just losing it, sigh... I'm sure EA has their reasons.


  • They're in the game.
  • For some reason Madden doesnt want us to use 5 receivers. And rarely can we get 4. There is no 4 receiver set out of the single back anymore. You can find a handful of 4-wide in the "EMPTY" sets, under create a playbook. Aside, you always have to create playbooks, because of all the trash. We have the packages to chose through in the playbook, but for some reason, none of them say 4 wide, or 5 wide. so try some EMPTY, like empty cowboy, etc. Yeah even the set that says 5 wide, I'm pretty sure is only 4 with a TE. The running back and the TE are everywhere, and my 5th wideout gets absolutely zero touches, while my #4 usually suffers as well.... Better like you TE, and HB
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