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As of 8/8

Do not buy this game it is very broken as you can read on the many posts on this forum. Now, the game hasn't officialy been out for a week yet but it is still very disappointing not seeing a major patch yet. Preseason starts tonight and honestly I wont even play this game other than MUT challenges because it is that bad. I haven't bought a madden since xbox 360 and honestly the way this game is now I would never buy one again. Lets hop for some patches quickly.


  • It’s not that bad. For a year to year game the people making this have become lazy or EA is not putting much resources behind it
  • It is bad.

    And before you say it... I know they will get it fixed... and it will be awesome. Unfortunately.... It will be too late... as football season will be almost over. It's the new standard operating procedure. Don't waste money testing the game BEFORE releasing it. Just put it out there full of flaws... and let the consumer do your dirtywork. Why pay someone to test the game... when people will pay $60 to test it for you. We see the problems.... Come to sites like this to gripe.... They fix it. Repeat for 3 months and Tada!!! games fixed.

    No thanks.

    Have the game ready to go in April. Test it for 3 months while updating rosters along the way... and release a finished product that I can play right out of the BOX....while football season is actually taking place.... Then I'll come back.
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