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New Plays To Add(ideas for new plays the community has)

This thread is a place to post any idea for plays the community has.

First I'd like to say the new plays you guys added this year are great and were needed. I also know you will be adding new ones during the year. However, there is one type of play you guys should work on. (this could be fixed by adding a feature where we can create our own plays)

The Play-Action Screen, in particular, the Play-Action Bootleg Halfback Screen. This play design is used heavily around the league, mostly by the rams and the Mcvay west coast zone run scheme. To start you fake an outside zone run and the quarterback bootlegs out like a regular PA Boot call. But in this play after the run fake and boot the running back and 3-4 offensive linemen go the opposite way of the boot and set up a halfback screen. If programmed right and if the blockers are able to target correctly this could be a very useful and popular play design.
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