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Playing D you should be the ILB

That's what people have been telling me in the madden group on Xbox. I was wondering who do I even know I'm supposed to be guarding. They said playing DL was a bad idea which is what I mostly do. How do people get use to playing ILB?


  • Hold LT/L2 before the snap to see your assignment. If you're in zone cover the guy in/nearest to your zone. Playing safety is viable too but you're more likely to give up big plays for your mistakes so figure out LB first.
  • Trying it. Giving up WAYYYYY too many easy plays in the middle. Need to figure out who I am going after still. Seems like if I am in a zone it wants me to cover two people
  • Go to practice mode and jus keep at it....you will get it eventually
  • Working on it. I went 0-12 yesterday online. Not good lol
  • The biggest thing to usering is knowing when to pass receivers off to other zones. So say you’re the right ILB, your assignment initially is the TE and let’s say they’re running double slants over the middle, the TE on a slant running left and a receiver on the left running a slant to the right, and your left ILB is in a yellow zone. You wanna cover the TE on the slant until he’s out of your zone, then bounce up and start running with the WR that’s on the slant. Remember you have other players on the field, once their receiver is out of your zone, look for the next receiver coming into your zone. I call it ‘bouncing’. I will be putting a video out later this week on usering if you’d like to, HMU on psn crossville420 and my YouTube is crossville420 gaming.
    crossville420 YouTube and PSN
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