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Patch dates?

When is the next Patch planned? A few things I need to see fixed if i wanna play past September. One the hit stick discipline. There is no penalty to the players who just be hitting the button. Example the player that misses a terrible attempt at the hit stick has his head down with shoulder forward. Once thats done the player is standing up straight. With the force that a hit stick is going, the player should fall down. But no he is standing up still able to make plays. Also the distance in which the player that hit sticks is too far. It needs to be immediate or a miss. Players are big hitting from 5 yrds and connecting. Last time i checked 5 yrds is far. Second is passing. The passing is cool, problem is when someone is open for one second. When you try and quick pass the ball still floats as if you are throwing to a spot not the player. Thats why so many players gets interceptions. The pass goes all the way past the player and the DB goes to the spot of the ball and gets the int. Every NFL QB can throw a quick pass. Oh yea Third thing not being able to press buttons while the ball is in the air on Defense. A lob pass is thrown when you press Swat or go for a INT nothing happens which cause unnecessary catches that the WR is well defended. These are the MY primary things i need addressed ASAP. I have seen alot of people talk about the Hit Stick, the dropped balls. EA eithers says oh well or they cant fix it. ill be waiting for patches until then I am not booting this game up in my PS4. Then ill trade it in for Greedfall which comes out September 10th.


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