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House rules and superstar rewards

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I grinded for my 50 wins today and had at least 20 disconnects....And how was I rewarded? With the absolute worst possible card you could get!!! Z. Ertz is unusable, absolutely terrible not to mention the other superstar card you gave me was bum Harrison Smith.....What a waste of time!!!!......2 junk NAT cards that have 81 speed and under....Thanks for nothing EA!

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  • I already bought Stephen Gilmore and they gave me the same card such trash what a waste of time of 50 wins for nothing I also had more than 20 disconnects and they gave me losses I wish EA never had the exclusive rights to the NFL games making madden cuz this is absolutely trash
  • atleast you could do it, my game worked for about a hour with house rules then stopped working all day yesterday
  • EA really dropped the ball here... I was enjoying the heck out of the college OT games and then my game freezes on load screen.. no idea how or why
  • Even better I made it to the playoffs and got disconnected and it gave me a loss even before the game started.
  • ...bummer
  • matia1908
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    I got it worse. I got the same NAT card for doing the 50 wins as I had for completing the star challenges last week. So 2 identical NATs
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