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  • I can't see my routes or even the reciever icons presnap when I play my brother. Why!? I can when I play the computer.
  • Was playing online, only to have Mariota run backwards ten yds and throw a 50yd dime to corey davis off his back foot. That is not realistic!!
  • When will there be a roster update there is still no Crabtree Ajay ect alot players missing do your jobs
  • > @TBoneHD said:
    > Please do something about tyreek hill. I can set my safety deep and put them.both on him In head to head and he is still completely open every single time.

    This has happinied to me as well I could have Harrison Smith and Rhodes on him he's always 15 yards open
  • I think the run game is way too op. In real modern football it is mostly a passing game. In madden 20 everyone is playing football like its 1935 with iform close,strong close or heavy run sets. I've found a defense that slow it down but it's really boring and sometimes irritating. I think the ai just doesn't pursue well. Also I would like a little more to quick adjust. I can't move anyone around because theres too much of a risk to be quicksnapped. I dont expect this to be fixed but I don't like it. Last but not least I would like to see zones play a little better. All of these things are defense. Defense is an utter nightmare so far this year.
  • The game never should've been released this soon in the first place too many glitches and bugs kicking meter disappearing referee calling penalties backwards rookies traits not showing up after 500 downs ect will probably take god knows how many patches to fix it and then something else will probably be broken it may be time to give the rights to another company and see if they can do better than this smdh
  • I can't see my online head to head rating this is only reason I buy this game every year please fix this bug. I dont play mut . I feel cheated
  • Is anyone else's "play now live" screen in exhibition mode stuck on week 1? Any fixes? Tried rebooting router, game console, and game....did nothing...
  • I meant stuck on preseason week 1...
  • m0fizzle
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    I currently have a problem in franchise mode. My players (Roethlisberger and Juju) have the x factor but when I start games, they just have superstar abilities. Is this a glitch or is there a reason?
  • cmsmithers
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    edited August 2019
    I hate the x factor and the fact that they took away the ability to adjust your defense pre play (example: switch to a qb contain or a run prediction) is ludacris. This is the absolute worse madden ( except for the madden that had the qb vision cone) that is the only worse option. To play h2h online literally takes no talent to play anymore....all you have to do is use a x factor running back and rush outside make 1 miss and your gone its crap. The face of the franchise leaves so much to desire and franchise is the Same old thing. I think this will be the last time I buy madden!
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  • So I can’t complete the journey now, and literally can only complete part 1 with 56/56 stars .. that’s awesome ... don’t know why I pay money for this broken game every year
  • Anybody not able to start franchise at preseason week 2?
  • UCLA84Blitz
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    edited August 2019
    @EA_Roger. I don't know if you actually work for EA or not, but thank you for the feedback you have left users. I seems very positive and and encouraging that the community is being heard and responded to is a positive manner.

    My last experience with an EA community mod was NCAA14 Football. I do not recall the guys name, but he worked for he and was very defiant and standoff(ish) of community concerns. I remember progression was the big issue and the guy was really an idiot about our concerns.

    That being said . . . regression is still an issue in Madden 20. Players in real life are playing the game longer and retaining a higher level of performance, but the game just kills guys at 30. Any thoughts?
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  • @tysonlovell24 yes having that same problem
  • dmo20
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    qu'est ce que vous dite dans l’amélioration de la stabilité général j'ai payer un jeu que je n arrive même pas à jouer depuis 2 semaine la barre de kick disparaît mes commande du gamepad se bloque impossible de jouer un match dans cette situation d'ici fin août si je n'arrive pas à jouer je demanderai un remboursement même si j'ai acheter le jeu sur origin.
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