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  • hdh22
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    For the franchise player role camera, please have option to be zoomed in behind your defensive player like in madden 19. Versus current camera angle zoomed out to see the entire field
  • EA_Roger
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    @EA_Roger. I don't know if you actually work for EA or not, but thank you for the feedback you have left users. I seems very positive and and encouraging that the community is being heard and responded to is a positive manner.

    My last experience with an EA community mod was NCAA14 Football. I do not recall the guys name, but he worked for he and was very defiant and standoff(ish) of community concerns. I remember progression was the big issue and the guy was really an idiot about our concerns.

    That being said . . . regression is still an issue in Madden 20. Players in real life are playing the game longer and retaining a higher level of performance, but the game just kills guys at 30. Any thoughts?

    I do work for EA, who in their right mind would have "EA" in their name if they didn't ;)

    Sorry about your previous experience on NCAA14 (Great game btw!), listening to the players is a vital part of catering to the community. We can't always listen to everyone as some opinions are contradicting and we do need to make choices at the end of the day but your feedback is heard and past on. Thanks.
  • EA_Roger
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    edited August 2019
    dmo20 wrote: »
    qu'est ce que vous dite dans l’amélioration de la stabilité général j'ai payer un jeu que je n arrive même pas à jouer depuis 2 semaine la barre de kick disparaît mes commande du gamepad se bloque impossible de jouer un match dans cette situation d'ici fin août si je n'arrive pas à jouer je demanderai un remboursement même si j'ai acheter le jeu sur origin.

    @dmo20, this forum is English only however Answers HQ is available in French. As per my previous comment we are looking into a fix for the kick meter issue.
  • EA_Roger you guys need to fix the fumbles in this game I just lost a solo battles game running with Todd Gurley in the red zone 3 or 4 times fumbled the ball Todd Gurley doesn't fumble the ball 3 or 4 times in a game that's unacceptable and especially players in h2h mut abusing spamming the same plays over and over youtubers exploiting money plays for the game that you can't stop no matter what formation you use and the user lurking especially with shazier no linebacker covers that much field these issues need to be patched I've been playing madden since the Sega Genesis days and I never seen a madden game this bad
  • JonClient
    1 posts New member
    Looking for Madden Mobile players! Looking for members to play in League vs League every day and to be active!
    We have about 20 active members rn and recruiting more!
    Add Jonandbuddy#1 for a invite... I’ll accept you fast!
    The league’s name is Wareham, so you also can look for me as the commissioner and request!
  • Ea has done so much improvement in all aspects!
    So much so that I’m an on and off player since the first madden but I’ve been playing everyday for 8 months.
    The only video game I’ve played in years and the ultimate team and qb1 mode brought me back to playing games again.
    I’m a family man who works 45 -60 hours a week and this game has introduced me to fun again.
    Ultimate team has got to be the best mode and now with these new updates and Constant new features and modes I’ll be sure to play for months more.
  • dont understand the bills player and team rating.#1 pass D.top 3 defence.players are rated very low.why is this!? tre white not a shut down CB.poyer only an 80.jerry hughes not a super star.Matt milano rated a 77.this guy was amazing last year.had over 100 tackled 4 int and he plays MLB.hyde is our only super star player and hes a low 80.but he was a top 3 SS should be a 90 overall.Center mitch Morris one of the best pass protection centers in the league gets gets an 81 rating.hes the highest paid center in the league.last year he gets an high rating cause he was on the Chiefs.that just showed u rate bills players low and that not right and its time for your MADDEN Adjusters To make this right.also Josh allen is not paranoid in the pocket.Ravens QB gets a super star ability Josh allen had better stats then that guy but allen get low 77 passing rating.
  • Still cant see ranking on h 2h online play we built this game head to head mut sucks and ain't real I will never buy another madden ea SPORTS and I been with u since beginning. I call for boycott of madden for selling a game that dosen't support head to head and is glitched. I paid to play head to head and see my rank if not game is useless.
  • Change Mahomes to strong arm
  • When are you guys going to fix the Safety play on the game. Safeties routinely look stupid and don't react to the ball right in their face unless you are usering them. I play with the LB or DL and the responsiveness switching to SS/FS is also not optimal in order to intercept the pass. Can you guys look into that?
  • I thought this was going to update the panthers playbook Because they don't run the 4-3 anymore it's more based off the 3-4
  • beadie007
    4 posts New member
    Can we get facescan feature on madden 20 to play as yourselves in the game.also can we get madden 20 on nintendo switch.here are new names to add for announcer in story mode and nfl team player create.caleb...charles...zamaury.terance...burnette...brown..... leverne...lamont....zekivian....parker.......cinquez.......leon.....shaw...kyon....dangelo....james....allen....mathew....thomas.....poogie.....donald....patrist.....drake....francis.frank.franklinn...those name for announcer to say in madden 20 update
  • beadie007
    4 posts New member
    Can we get madden 20 updated in 3d on xbox one and xbox s and one x.i have 3d tv wanna experience madden 20 in 3d with pop outs
  • Okay here we go EA, whatever you guys did with the new patch today made it a lot more difficult to ID the mike it’s actually slow and broken to select a player. Nickelbacks and edge rushers are blitzing uncontested even when ID’d and protection shift. I literally watch my RB not even attempt to block a blitzer. Cover 4 drop show 2 is being ran with a few adjustments and the blitz is an unblockable nano. I played around 8 games of the new house rules and every single opponent I played ran the same plays on offense and same cheap blitz plays on defense.... there is no more creativity in play calling. Fix your game. K thanks.
  • A minor thing I've noticed -- the CPU QB rarely throws the ball in hail mary situations at end of games.

    Situational broadcasting is absolutely out of context in MUT situations. Talking about the first drive of the game when you've jumped in the 4th quarter, talking about first receptions etc. when it isn't.
  • EA_Roger you guys need to fix the fumbles in this game I just lost a solo battles game running with Todd Gurley in the red zone 3 or 4 times fumbled the ball Todd Gurley doesn't fumble the ball 3 or 4 times in a game that's unacceptable and especially players in h2h mut abusing spamming the same plays over and over youtubers exploiting money plays for the game that you can't stop no matter what formation you use and the user lurking especially with shazier no linebacker covers that much field these issues need to be patched I've been playing madden since the Sega Genesis days and I never seen a madden game this bad

    Go to coaching adjustments. Also, use right bumper/R1 to cover the ball when you're about to take a big hit.

    I agree with you on Shazier lurking -- they really messed up by making him so fast.
  • There’s an issue in franchise mode with the presentation of the super bowl after Super Bowl 54. The centerfield logo is not the NFL shield but instead the logo of the team that calls the stadium home.
  • Phinsxup
    1 posts New member
    I can't swap my playbook for house rules, it lags between plays showing the same play i just ran even when I hit use joysticks you guys shouldve just left it alone all you gotta do is run man and you can't be beat its sad because when you run it set the audible correctly you get burned
  • M1CH3AL_W
    1 posts New member
    I have a couple of things that are deeply concerning that I hope can be addressed to improve madden gameplay going forward:

    Franchise mode improvements-
    1. Please allow for the different development trait's, (normal, star, superstar, and superstar x-factor), to actually cause for a different experience value awardance for that player with those given traits. There is no reason all the players should be getting the exact same amount of xp per drill or during a season for the same practices, play and achievements when there was such a grind to improve them to that point. I want my superstar to improve like one and not like a hidden development player or normal player. (Ps. I read that you all address the hidden dev. Trait being fixed to stop deleting progress. Hope it's true and thanks, but please now address the traits xp progress like in the past. There used to be multipliers and now there is not).
    2. Allow for Quarterbacks drafted in the rookie drafts to have randomized throwing hands, throwing motions/styles, (instead of all being generic) and the ability to earn and obtain the tight spiral trait along with others later in their careers upon improvement without having to create them with that difference. Ones that do not have the traits can never obtain them regardless of how good they get.
    3. Please improve the overalls of players randomly generated for rookie drafts across the bored. The drafts I've participated in during online seasons which progressed after year one had me drafting players that were not even fit to make my practice squads in as early as the 2nd round. If I've took the time to scout gems in rounds, I should at least sometimes be rewarded like prior madden years to actually get some starting caliber players as I did on prior madden's. Had drafts to where only two players in the entire drafts were over 78 overall. Those do not even allow for them to be starters on most teams. It was nice when the highest overalls were in the 83-81 ranges and there were a couple of those instant starter caliber players and then the rest of the ratings were dispersed evenly across all the radomely generated rookie drafts, which makes it to where teams can address needs upon schemes and etc. I should look forward to building my team with drafts and not regretting it. These 59 and under overalls need to go because how did they make it to the nfl if that is the case unless you tap into undrafter realms. But even in those cases, some undrafter players should even be gems sometimes in the draft because there are many undrafted stars or stars to be in the league everywhere.
    4. When completing seasons and achieving monumental accolades and success with players or teams, there should be much more progress and awards earned and stripped to add more fun and balance. For example, if I have a player break a record of some sort for a season like sacks, interceptions, touchdowns, yards, etc, the awardance should be greater than what is currently given. If players are having a hall of fame season to break these records, they should at the minimum get at least a development trait upgrade or get something that improves their overall dramatically like maybe enough points to put them up 3 upgrades or so or chance to change the xfactors/superstar traits, or anything to make every madden experience in a franchise unique from another. It should never feel as if my season-long accomplishments/grind did not allow me to reap the benefits of those accomplishments and felt not far off from regular season things like a won game. That also should be the case with Awards as well. If I get an end Season reward like MVP or anything like that, the award benefits should be great along with winning a Super Bowl because those are very few and far between achievements. On the flip side, players that have higher ratings or development traits, should they have an extremely down year, should also seek a decline in those set traits or ratings. For example, if I have a superstar development X Factor that cannot even perform like a basic normal development player over a season, they regress and have to regain their super star X Factor just as another player should gain one in its place of a normal development or higher if they completely outplayed their development and or position on the team. Stars are born every year!
    5. Lastly injuries. There should be a different variety or bigger variety of injuries that do not take you out the game as long as they do. Things like sprained ankles/body parts, wind knocked out of the player, hyperextensions, concussions, dislocations, and cramps should all be in the game to make it a more realistic experience. The thing is, the implementation of the said injuries should not be as long as multiple weeks as other injuries have been consistent in the game. People with injury ratings and toughness ratings should change the duration of these set injuries in different circumstances along with some of the minor ones that are on this list allowing for players to return quickly like maybe miss a play missed a couple possessions or excetera set of always either being out the game or out a couple of weeks or immediately returning. Also please and I emphasize please, make an injury be warranted for how it happened. Like a concussion should come from a high hit stick a lower-body injury should come from a low hit stick, a torn shoulder should come from one of those outrageous tackles or something or when they get face masks or something like that make it more realistic I'm tired of lineman and my running backs and everything getting injured off of basic tackles or normal football plays with minimal contact that I can honestly say that if I watch that tackle happen in the NFL the person would hop backup and it would be a non-issue. Also if a player returns for one of these minor injuries there should be something showing like a taped hand from her hand sprain ankle sprain tape stuff like that
    6. When trying to earn the development of superstar X Factor's and excetera and their particular traits for both that and superstar, giving us a method to obtain particular traits would make it fun if there was like a certain amount of accomplishments needed to gain a particular one instead of having them come at random.

    General game (cosmetic) improvements-
    1. When editing a player give us more customizable options as far as accessories. I should be able to add different color visors for my team like green, purple, gold, red, blue, baby blue, or etc that's been in Prior games. If you really want to win points, how about adding signature accessories like visors that Superstars wear like for example Odell Beckham jr with the joker and etc. visible mouthpieces that are different colors and team colors with designs and etc should be added, more than just one neck roll with types and colors, and I should even be able to change the color of my towel. I should even be able to wear my jersey the "zeke" style if I wanted to. If that is done the back plate could move while we run to make it authentic.
    2. Adding an X Factor or super star ability like "Blow off the top" that allow for known speedsters that are rare and get a boost on deep routes or drawing doubles or even burning single coverage on deep post or double moves would be a nice addition. likewise there should be a secondary trait like "Jammer" that allows for receivers that are not great at release or are smaller speedsters to be knocked off their routes or held up at the line.
    3. I understand why the runoff for no-huddle is added, the only adjustment to it would be on plays that aren't further than 5 to 10 yards down the field should not have as much of a runoff to get the offense set. It should vary by How deep the actual play that was produced was which changes how much of a runoff there is.
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