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  • [quote="EA_Roger;d-247264"][i]To ensure Madden is the best game possible, scheduled updates are deployed by the Madden Development Team to add features to the game after launch and to tune gameplay based on community feedback. Our launch updates focus on many of the issues that Madden players report to us. We thank you for your feedback - you've helped us improve Madden NFL 20. We look forward to further feedback and are committed to continuing to meet your expectations.[/i]

    Here is a detailed breakdown of what’s included in today's title update.

    [b]Key Highlights[/b]

    [quote][i]DEV NOTE: Today’s title update is very small and focused on very specific stability and usability issues. There are no gameplay, presentation or PC updates in this title update, but there are title updates in the works to address some of our player’s feedback in those areas in the near future.[/i][/quote]

    [b]Global Updates[/b]
    [*] General stability, performance & connectivity improvements and fixes
    [*] Reduced the chances of encountering a disconnect from online games when transitioning into gameplay. Additional fixes remain under investigation for future title updates.

    [b]Franchise Updates[/b]

    [*] Fixed an issue causing more than one overtime to occur in regular season games when using the ‘Play the Moment’ feature
    [*] Fixed an issue causing the game to enter a state where it would not end when failing an objective on a fourth down during the last play of the game
    [*] Fixed an issue causing the game to enter a state where it would not end when the clock expired during a safety by the CPU when playing either Face of the Franchise: QB1 or Player-locked Franchise
    [*] Fixed an issue causing a soft-lock on the Weekly Game Boosts screen after running only one play before the quarter break when using Supersim
    [*] Broncos defensive playbook has been updated to reflect new Broncos Head Coach Vic Fangio
    [*] Fixed an issue sometimes preventing the college overtime rules from being honored in Face of the Franchise: QB1

    [b]Madden Ultimate Team Updates[/b]

    [*] Added a popup when exiting the lineup screen whenever you have a player with X-Factor or Superstar Abilities and available slot in the ‘Activate Superstar X-Factor’ menu.
    [list=1] [*] [i][quote]DEV NOTE: We are noticing a lot of players are equipping X-Factors and Superstar Abilities but not going the extra step to “Activate” them. As a reminder, you can only choose 3 players from offense and 3 players from defense and only those 6 players will carry X-Factors and Superstar Abilities into the games you play. Nobody else on the lineup will have either X-Factors or Superstar Abilities brought into game unless they are activated. We have some additional support coming to make this even more clear but for now this popup will serve as a reminder to go activate your players.[/quote][/i][/list]
    [*] Fixed an issue causing the X-Factor and Superstar Abilities to lose functionality when restarting or using the ‘Play Next Challenge’ feature
    [*] Fixed an issue preventing the proper values from displaying when attempting to equip a chemistry associated with both a positive and negative value
    [*] Fixed an issue preventing users from linking Wildcards already in a set to the Auction House
    [*] Improved performance of the ‘Play’ tab on the MUT menu

    Can y'all add more undrafted free agents like Jordan Ta'amu and Jake dolegala please
  • Please add more udfa would like to see players like Jordan Ta'amu and Jake dolegala on their respective teams
  • Y'all f****** the game up, everything seem to be glitching since y'all did beat update August 20th. If y'all really listen to people and y'all followers at least make it where you can change your socks on the uniform. that isn't all that's wrong just trying to see if y'all listen at all. If y'all going to keep updating and my record gone star falling off at least let me look good
  • Y'all **** the game up...I have too double tap buttons now.. for the last minute I couldn't c a play.. it was my game winning drive. I won't suggested to anyone because y'all going to keep updating it for these lames
  • flipper34
    1 posts New member
    Please add Jordan Scarlett face scan!!! Thanks so much!!
  • Rooakh19
    2 posts New member
    In the Pistol Full House formation, there are two plays that when flipped cannot call the HB on the right side of the QB into motion. Those plays are Zone Read and PA X Post. The arrow icon shows up indicating that the HB can be motioned to the right or left, but after pressing the button the HB doesn't move.
  • Is it a final decision that the August 20th update will not be pushed into existing CFM's?
    It's one thing to not edit the current players, but to also not allow the new linemen or linemen upgrading to Superstar to earn anything but the 1 original ability, pretty much forces everyone to have to restart.
    Maybe I am wrong but I really don't think you would hear any complaints about letting existing CFM's attain these abilities...
  • I'm very surprised today update.
    The player faces are very realistic modeling.
    Not only the real players, but also generated player can be made more various?
    At lease, please use the very various hair or beard that current players have ones (Lindsay or allen and so on).
    I don't want to play with same faces and hair players during the franchise mode.
    The normal same faces make franchise mode boring.

    Please help to generate variety players to draft list when I use generated draft list.
    You can make player various with beard and hair style and mixing modeling faces.

    Or please make the historic draft list, like NBA 2K 19. In NBA, I can choose very old historic draft list and it has good modeling faces
    I hope EA can do it!!
    Thank you
  • Why can’t you fix the compare stats feature in online H2H???
    People enjoy seeing the statistics of the opponents and ranking,, it wasn’t working on madden 19 either,,
    Is it so complicated that your programmers can’t figure it out?
  • NatureBoy2323
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  • Beezal32
    18 posts Member
    edited August 2019
    H2h removed ranking cant see opponents bug. Mut suck ea says if it's in the game it's in game then why is head to head start tracking and ranking bugged ea sports sold us a broke product and they know it is worst part people need to really this is

    [Removed profanity]
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  • patsfan4life2012
    1 posts New member
    edited August 2019
    It would be amazing if the update didn't mess up my game! I've gotten booted with a system error playing face of franchise about 20 times since yesterday

    [Removed profanity]
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  • Rooakh19
    2 posts New member
    Skills trainer is a great feature. I would like to be able to use only plays from my custom playbook in this mode.
  • sh0ckz0r
    1 posts New member
    Hidden Dev snap count Trait still not working properly after the update for offline franchise

    -Works when you go into offline Franchise and start with Preseason rosters
    -If you save and exit out the hidden dev trait snaps are counted correctly
    -Online franchise works just fine

    -Does not work when going into offline franchise and start with Active Rosters
    -Will still reset after exiting the franchise
    -Also if you edit a player and switch them to star after playing 1 game. The hidden development snap count meter does not count
  • > @brookslj said:
    > Also can you add more injuries because I hit cam newton and he fell on his neck and he wasn’t injured at all.

    Gotta be careful what you wish for. Get a bunch of people to agree with this then after the next update you get sacked once and drew brees is out for the game.
  • Can someone please help me confirm this to be true or false? To get the full experience of the new scenario engine in franchise mode, you have to pick coach instead of owner? I want to be a owner so I can rebuild my stadium, but I also want the full experience of the new scenario engine. If I pick coach I won't be able to do anything about my stadium.
  • dfsroadie
    1 posts New member
    Ever since I downloaded the new title update tonight, whenever I try to go to Download Community Files, Share My Files, or My Downloads, it says "This feature is currently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience"
  • JTrainGBR
    2 posts New member
    Two issues that have come up from this patch. Most likely these have already been pointed out but I didn't see them in this thread yet. Both of these are from MUT but I assume they are in other modes.

    1. When trying to select a play, the plays blink/flash and no play is selected. You have to push the button again for it to work.

    2. Sometimes when viewing play art pre-snap on offense, the camera stays zoomed out after releasing L2/R2, and the only way to bring it back is to fake snap.

    Can you acknowledge the team is aware of these and provide a timeline for fixes?

  • The new update is great the best madden yet by far but I would love update on gear like hand warmers give us the option to turn them backwards. I wish the Raiders would automatically relocate to Las Vegas & give us a stadium that generated or one we could create ourselves.
  • geno2008
    2 posts New member
    I know specialty playbooks cant be used as a base in custom playbooks but could you please add functionality to save audibles for specialty playbooks? I love the Run and Shoot but I hate having to do in-game audibles every time. Sucks trying to run it in CFM as well. @EA_Roger
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